SCIONIX is a company producing equipment and components for radiation detection instruments employing scintillation crystals and materials. We are located near Utrecht in the center of the Netherlands, a 40 min. drive from Amsterdam airport.

Scintillation detectors have been manufactured in the Netherlands since the 1960s. The design and fabrication of high quality scintillation detectors require a vast amount of expertise and experience. The long term presence of these qualities in the Netherlands forms the foundation on which SCIONIX was established in 1992. Read more about us

Our product range consists of scintillation detection instruments with associated front-end electronics, often incorporated into the detector assembly. Key themes are: quick interaction on new scientific developments regarding materials and detection techniques; and close collaboration with end users.

We would like to invite you to learn more about SCIONIX and our products. Please feel free to call us for additional information, prices, and our exact capabilities.