A scintillator is a material that converts energy lost by ionizing radiation into pulses of light. In most scintillation counting applications, the ionizing radiation is in the form of x-rays, y-rays and a- or b-particles ranging in energy from a few thousand electron volts to several million electron volts (keVs to MeVs).


A large number of different scintillation crystals exist for a variety of applications. Some important characteristics of scintillators are:


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This website of SCIONIX scintillation detectors is meant for users of radiation detection instruments to select the instrument best suited for their specific application.

For the detection of radiation a great number of possibilities exist. Scintillators are often used for efficient detection of alpha- and beta-particles or electromagnetic radiation like gamma-rays or X-rays. For each application, a choice must be made for the type of scintillation material, its required size and the readout method. Also for the physical realization of the instrument numerous possibilities exist. The optimum choice often depends on the conditions in which your instrument should be used.

The website provides you with some basic information about the physical properties of different scintillation materials and their typical applications. A limited number of standard detector configurations is presented. In practice, a scintillation detector is often “tailor made” for a specific application and the presented range is only a selection.

The SCIONIX philosophy is that the final detector is the result of close cooperation between us and you, the user of the instrument.

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